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3S Call Management System

3S software can be used for the system setting,backup store,computer charge, computer printting and CO line and extension status can be monitored . The system Programme,Charge,and system monitoring are 3S Call Management software.

APP characteristic:  
3S software can be used for the system setting,backup store,computer charge,computer printting and CO line and extension status can be monitored.The system Programme,Charge,and system monitoring are 3S Call Management software.(SYSTEM PROGRAMMING、SMDR、SYSTEM STATUS MONITORING)。
Main function:

 Monitor real time
3s software can be used to monitor for all of the extension call state,outside line use state,imcoming call state,and so on.

 Call expense Inquire
All the numbers dailed from extension ,no matter it is long-distant call or local call ,the software will record the date began to dail, the time, the lasting time ,the use of any trunk and any other detailed information,it can also check according to extension number or the user,telephone number,trunk number,time and so on.System counts the costs per month automatically,prints the warrant if needed,it's simple as well as convenient for telephone management.

 Call Management
It is necessary to take place calls managment reasonablely about extensions for a well management about extension calls,as well as keep the staffs use telephone resourse self-consciously and reasonablely.Calls management function sets a certain cost to each extension,and the system will turn off automatically after the cost is used out.You should ask for use again if needed,to manage calls like this is the most simple way.

 Long-distance Programme
The system procedure can be amended on the network,and also can be long-distance amended, programmed and so on.

 Computer Programme
This software can be used for groups telephone programming,easy,fast and more intuitive,can reduce test time of groups telephone setting.If client want to modify the extension number,click the port of the original extension after check it,modify directly,enter and work immidiately!Simple!Fast!You can alter it as you like!Also,can control extensions rank.Computer operater,password,three-second warning,trunk number,curt dialed,outline direct dialed,headcount,system code and so on,most of group calls can be programed through software.

 Hotel Management
You can get statistics of using extensions, check,print and check-out by software after clients check-in.It is a good assistant for hotel management.  

 Process Backup
Please take process backup after use 3S calls management to groups telephone programming,for reusing when it meets other wrong process factors.

 Support operation system
You can get a free present without USB software which is only support WIN98/ME/2000/XP Chinese simple edition.If you want to support Chinese,English's WIN98/NT/ME/2000/XP operate system,fuction will stronger,operate more simply!Please use 3Scalls management with USB software .

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